Japanese Host Club

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What is a host club?

Japan has a unique restaurant called “host club.” A host club is a service industry in which male employees called hosts entertain and entertain mainly female customers. By pouring alcohol, lighting a cigarette, listening to the customer’s story, and livening up the conversation, the restaurant receives payment for the service and food and drink. In general, food and drink costs and service charges are extremely high, and problems arise over billing, and female customers who are unable to pay are sometimes forced to pay by earning money through prostitution or the entertainment industry, which is a social problem in some cases. It can be said that it is becoming more and more. In addition, recently there are illegal host clubs such as Toyoko Kids that welcome minors as customers (which is actually illegal), and minors who use these clubs become drug dealers, engage in prostitution, or even commit suicide. I do things like that. Service industries where men receive large sums of money for entertaining women may be rare overseas.


Why are some Japanese women addicted to hosting?

The reason why host clubs have become established as a uniquely Japanese culture may be due to Japan’s long-standing male-dominated culture. At least in ancient Japan, it was difficult for women, no matter how wealthy or high in social status, to experience being entertained by men. Therefore, even if the relationship is based on money, they may find value in being admired at a host club.

However, why do some women become addicted to host clubs even after paying high fees? Broadly speaking, there are many types of women who get addicted to host clubs:

Personality that tends to depend on others

Women who are easily dependent on others tend to be addicted to hosting.

Women who are easily dependent on others tend to get into a mental state of thinking, “I can’t live without this person!” towards a specific person.

Hosts are experts at controlling women’s feelings, so such women can easily become addicted to hosts.

Low self-esteem

Women with low self-esteem have a strong desire to be recognized by people other than themselves, so it’s easy to get addicted to it when hosts praise you or say favorable words.

Strong desire to possess

People with strong possessiveness tend to visit hosts in order to attract and retain their attention.

Competitive personality

Women who hate to lose tend to think that they want to be treated the best in a host club.

This type of person goes to stores and spends a lot of money because they want to be treated well.

Strong feeling of loneliness

At the host club, the more you go to a store and spend a lot of money, the more you will be cared for by all the hosts of the store, which will make up for your loneliness.

As a result, women with strong feelings of loneliness are unable to escape from the host club situation.

A symbol of a lonely modern society?

In this way, host clubs may be a place to fill the hearts of some lonely women in today’s society where human relationships are rare. It is not easy to rescue someone who is addicted to hosting. I hope they don’t ruin their lives.